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Bricolsoft Zip 2010 03/01/11 Trial version English

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Bricolsoft Zip is the ideal choice for developers looking to integrate advanced zip and unzip functionality into their applications. With Bricolsoft Zip you get:PowerThe component supports advanced functionality such as memory compression, data encryption and self extracting archive creation, all with just a few lines of code.

ControlA variety of events that trigger throughout compression and decompression activities ensure that your application stays informed of operations progress and can take corrective actions.

Ease-to-UseBricolsoft Zip features seamless integration with VB. NET, VB6, C#, VC++, Delphi, C++ Builder and other leading programming environments.

Its intuitive interface design and built-in constants, enumerations and types greatly simplify the task of implementing zip compression functionality in any application.

High PerformanceBuilt using the lightweight ATL framework and a combination of highly optimized C and C++ code, Bricolsoft Zip is one of the fastest ActiveX components on the market.

This makes it suited for large compression and decompression jobs that require the greatest possible speed and efficiency. PKZIP-CompatibilityThe component is fully compatible with the PKZIP 2.

04g format, meaning that the files that you create using the component can be read by the majority of zip utilities currently in use, including PKZip and WinZip.

Reusable SamplesThe library comes packaged with a variety of samples that address common coding scenarios and whose code you can freely reuse in your applications to speed up development.

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